Your website tells the world who you are and we’re prepared to help you make that statement.Luis Cardona | Founder

Our Principles

Providing clients with a final product that they love doesn’t happen by accident. It requires hard word, a creative mindset, and a passion for design. Witht We keep our three principles in mind throughout the entire process.

Detailed Work

We keeps our eyes on the details and make sure not to miss a beat.

End User Designed Sites

When we design your site, we put ourselves in the shoes of your clients.

Frequent Communication

Next to delivering your site, keeping you in the loop is our priority.

The Team

Luis Cardona | FOUNDER

The founder of the company, Luis, enjoys working with people, solving tough problems, and helping others see their design dreams come to life.

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Richard Pereira | CO-FOUNDER

Richard loves critiquing Luis’ work, so his involvement in this venture is a natural extension of that. He likes to use 3D icons in his PowerPoint presentations.

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Our Logo & Name

The inspiration for our logo came from this guy. Indiana “Danger” Jones. He’s a French Husky, and he’ll do pretty much anything for peanut butter and belly rubs. Even though there are plenty of Huskies out there, there can only be one Indiana Jones.

In origami, the first fold that you learn is the “valley fold”. Although it’s just a simple crease, the fold is the foundation for all future and more complex folding techniques. It symbolises the first step that we take with you in developing your brand and site.

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